All items will be shipped via USPS. A flat fee is charged and items will be shipped First Class. If you live outside of the U.S., International Shipping is additional. 


If upon shipping, you receive the wrong item or any of the items are damaged, please email me: trillleaguecomics@gmail.com

When Can I Expect Book One of Trill League To Be Finished?

The expected date is Summer 2016. However this date can vary as I handling all aspects of production and business myself. 

Where Do Funds Go?

For any purchase made (whether a pledge or exclusive art), a portion of funds go toward production of the physical products and the other portion goes toward my expenses as I work on writing and producing the art. Being aware of the expectations of this project, and loving the supporters of my art, I am working hard to give back with THE best looking art work (cell-shaded art with digitally painted backgrounds) I've ever done, and the goal is do this uninterrupted until complete.